NEWS / Vice President of ADB on Successful Reforms and Projects in Georgia

08 December 2017 Vice President of ADB on Successful Reforms and Projects in Georgia

Vice President of Asian Development Bank (ADB), Venchai Jhang evaluated the projects implemented in Georgia and spoke about the current achievements at the Tbilisi Belt & Road Forum:

"Georgia can boast with very big achievements, which deal with current reforms and general development. I would like to congratulate Georgia on all of these achievements. I keep track of the development of Georgia's economy as well as strengthening of our relations. Having attended the previous Forum in Georgia, it is a great honor for me to participate in this Forum again. I would like to express my appreciation to the Government of Georgia for the hospitality we have provided," - the Vice-President of the ADB stated.

According to Venchai Jhang, Georgia has played a major role together with 11 countries, which are involved in cooperation with the ADB since 2016.

"2.3 billion USD has been assigned for the projects implemented in Georgia since 2007, when your country became a member of the ADB."

According to Venchai Jhang, infrastructure and public services have improved in Georgia. In addition, as the Vice President of the ADB added, a new vision has been developed that aims to establish close cooperation in economic, tourism, transport, energy, trade and other sectors in partner countries within 2020-30 years.