Improving Freight Transit and Logistics Performance of the Trans-Caucasus Transit Corridor

Pasha Karim

Pasha Karim

Regional Manager, Kerry/Globallink Logistics

Mr. Pasha Karim in his position as a Regional Sales Manager, has developed an in-depth understanding on logistics challenges in the CIS region and in particular on the One Belt One Road initiative connecting China and Europe

Prior to starting his career at Globalink Logistics Group, Mr. Karim worked in the US where he specialized in organization wide development and implementation of processes, policies including customer relationship management. When presented with the opportunity to join Globalink Logistics Group, Mr. Karim was able to bring these skill sets to setup and develop the Corporate, Sales and Marketing Divisions. With sucess in this endeavour, Mr. Karim is currently responsible for regional sales and global corporate accounts at Globalink Logistics.

An avid traveller and reader, Mr. Karim enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and their 3 children and is also well known in the community and is frequently asked to shares his thoughts and experience at various seminars.

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