Connecting to Europe – The Development of the extended TEN-T

Flavia Palanza

Flavia Palanza

Director, European Investment Bank, Lending Operations in EU Neighbouring Countries

Mrs Palanza, who holds a Master’s degree in Economics, joined the Bank in 1984. She has spent most of her career working in different regions outside the EU, initially as an economist in the Projects Directorate, and since 2001 in the Directorate for Lending outside the EU, where she was successively Head of Strategy, Associate Director for Lending in East and Central Africa and the Pacific and Director for Lending in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Subsequently, she headed the Department for Lending in Central and South Eastern Europe. She was appointed Director for Lending in EU Neighbouring Countries in September 2017.  

Prior to joining the EIB, Mrs Palanza worked in the Asian Department of the International Monetary Fund.

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