NEWS / Prime Minister of Moldova Claims One Belt, One Road Initiative to Be Common Interest for All Countries in Region

08 December 2017 Prime Minister of Moldova Claims One Belt, One Road Initiative to Be Common Interest for All Countries in Region

At Tbilisi Belt & Road Forum welcoming panel, High Level Dialogue on Belt and Road Connectivity for Stability, the Prime Minister of Moldova, Pavel Filip, spoke about the necessity of deepening partnership between the countries of the region in order to achieve the goals of the One Belt, One Road initiatives.

Pavel Filip noted that dynamic support for globalization processes, liberalization of trade, expansion of electronic trade and digitalization, as well as enhancement of international relations, and development of transport and road infrastructure are the main priorities of the Republic of Moldova. “In this regard, One Belt, One Road Initiative is possible to become an effective mechanism in terms of achieving our common aspirations and globalization of economy, which will enable us to accomplish the goals,” – the Prime Minister of Moldova stated.

In his speech, Pavel Filip introduced the participants to the main reforms implemented by the Government of Moldova and spoke about the country’s priorities. Besides, the Prime Minister talked about the trade agreements with the EU and the GUAM countries as well as the perspectives created by the agreements with partner states. As Pavel Filip stated, free trade regime, which the Republic of Moldova is currently implementing with other countries, provides access to broader markets, with more than eight million active users and additional opportunities for export.

According to Pavel Filip, development of transport infrastructure is the fundamental factor for the development of the whole region. “The goal, which we strive to achieve together, is unified and thus coordinated in terms of transport, for which we are implementing several initiatives. Last week at the Eastern Cooperation Summit in Brussels, we agreed on a roadmap, which is an important step towards to elimination of barriers in international chain through integrating and maximizing the corridor,” – the Prime Minister of Moldova commented.

At the end of the speech, Pavel Filip praised the contribution of Georgia in the framework of the GUAM and wished the cooperation to be further developed in this direction. “Having taken the initiative from the Georgian colleagues who have been very successful in this regard, the Republic of Moldova will chair the GUAM session in 2018, which will bring another opportunity for deepening cooperation within the GUAM transport corridor,” – the Moldavian Prime Minister stated.