Parallel Side Event: "Silk Road Knowledge Dialogue"

Taleh Ziyadov

Taleh Ziyadov

Director-General, Port of Baku, Azerbaijan

Dr. Taleh Ziyadov has served as Director-General of the Port of Baku by appointment of the President of Azerbaijan since November 14, 2014. He has extensive knowledge of issues related to transport, logistics, and supply chain management in the Caspian region. Since 2008, he has professionally advised private and public companies as well as international organizations on the matter of transport and logistics in Azerbaijan and the Greater Central Asian region.

Dr. Ziyadov holds a master’s degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University (USA) and Ph.D. degree from the Cambridge University (UK). He is the author of the book “Azerbaijan as a Regional Hub in Central Eurasia” (Baku: ADA University, 2012), which provides a strategic analysis of the Euro-Asian trade networks, outlining the vision for developing Azerbaijan into a "regional hub" in Central Eurasia.

Previously, Dr. Ziyadov served as Deputy Executive Director of the US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC) in Washington, DC and as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Senior Research Fellow at the ADA University.

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